Suez Canal University

Specializations of Information and Statistics Department

  1. To identify in advance the university’s needs for the data and information required for it and to achieve its purposes.

  2. Collecting the data required for the University in the light of statistical models designed for this purpose and taking into account the continuous development of these models with the preparation of instructions to ensure that these models are met according to limited time programmes.

  3. Review the data as soon as they are obtained to confirm their authenticity and integrity in preparation for tabulation and classification, with the need to update these data first and foremost.

  4. Design records and statistical cards in which data and information are stored, taking into account the development and preservation of these records and cards in an easily accessible manner.

  5. Analysis of data obtained with the aim of reaching statistical indicators that are relied upon to make appropriate decisions regarding the university’s activity.

  6. Preparing statistical studies and research related to the university’s activity, particularly related to employment, which is useful in the areas of workforce planning, both at the university level and at the national level.

  7. Prepare periodic reports and information about the university’s activity according to the latest available and registered data in this field.

  8. Provide other entities with the required data and information in accordance with the specified timings.
  9. Continuous readiness to receive data according to a statistical system that stems from the university’s terms of reference and ensures that data and information flow in its tracks regularly, quickly and accurately.
  10. Share with the computer in the implementation of data after input to ensure the validity of the data entered.