Suez Canal University

Faculty of Tourism and Hotels

The Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Suez Canal University was established in 1994 to serve the objectives of tourism development in the Canal and North and South Sinai, especially with the significant increase in the tourism movement in the region and the emergence of the need to provide tourist cadres in the three fields (tourist guidance – tourism studies – hotel management).

vision and mission


The Faculty of Tourism and Hotels in Ismailia seeks to achieve leadership among the faculties of tourism and hotels in Egyptian universities by providing educational, research and community services within a framework that includes quality assurance standards, which qualifies the faculty to lead development in the tourism sector locally, regionally and internationally.



Graduating distinguished cadres capable of keeping pace with the requirements of the local and regional labor market in the tourism sector, hotels and tourist guidance, providing a supportive environment for teaching, learning, scientific research, and serving community issues in general, and the region of the Canal Region and Sinai in particular, while adhering to ethical and professional rules.