Suez Canal University

sector vision

The Graduate Studies and Research Sector at Suez Canal University aspires to be a center of excellence in the fields of specialized graduate studies, applied scientific research, technology transfer and commercialization, innovation support and development projects at the Arab and African levels.

Sector message

The Graduate Studies and Research Sector at Suez Canal University seeks to offer modern postgraduate programs that contribute effectively to preparing

University and professional cadres qualified to compete in the scientific, literary and educational fields, in addition to supporting applied scientific research related to the development of human and natural resources, infrastructure development, the Canal Society and Sinai, and providing scientific solutions to its problems.


According to the strategy of the Graduate Studies and Research Sector, the goals that the university’s research plan aspires to achieve are:
  • To become a center of excellence in the field of applied scientific research and scientific innovation.
  • That the university achieve a prominent position in the global ranking of universities.
  • That the university assume a leading role in building partnerships and supporting cooperation with universities and international research centers.
  • Contribute to providing practical solutions to the problems and needs of the Canal and Sinai region.
  • Providing the appropriate environment for learning and raising the level of the university cadres, including researchers and faculty members in the various universities.
  • Encouraging enrollment in graduate studies programs for graduates to continue their studies after graduation and attracting human cadres coming to Egypt from various Arab countries and some countries of the world.

For more information, the sector’s website