Suez Canal University

Welcome to Suez Canal University Dormitories!

The university dormitories are built to be the welcoming home for the expatriate and international students. The dormitories administration, since day one, has been keen on providing comfortable accommodation for the university attendees with its apartment lifestyles, fancy recreational facilities, and average housing costs. The service is not limited to the housing only as the university dormitories have taken the responsibility of the residents’ nutrition, medical care, and entertainment.

The dormitories administration believes in privacy and aims for a comfortable safe stay for the students, staff, and attendees in general. For the latter.

The dormitories administration has divided the city  as follow:

Male students Dormitories

This side of the city is located on the ring road, the 4th kilometer. It consists of three buildings; each has five floors. The male's dormitories have a total of 240 spacious rooms with a housing capacity of 1600 students. The dorms also provide luxurious accommodation upon request for the international students.

Female students Dormitories

This girls' dormitories are located at the ring road as well about 2 kilometers away from the university headquarters and 500 meters away from the university's old campus. it consists of three blocks; each has five floors. The girls' dormitories encompass a total of 257 rooms with a housing capacity of 1700 students. It also has luxurious accommodation upon request for international students.

International Students Housing

This compound is located at El-Sheikh Zayed district behind Ismailia's governorate building. It consists of 2 blocks; each has a total of 45 rooms with a housing capacity of 180 students.

Required documents

  • Admission file.
  • Copy of the student's national ID card or Passport.
  • Copy of the parent's national ID card or Passport.
  • An original bill that is signed by the parent (electricity, phone, gas).
  • Copy of the student's nomination card (for new students).
  • Statement of status (for old students).
  • Five recent personal photos 4*6.
  • Copy of the fee's payment page (4th page in the admission file).