Suez Canal University

Specializations of the Documentation Department and Libraries

  1. Collecting books, references, documents, records, data and information related to the university from various sources, whether from inside or outside, sorting and recording them.
  2. Describe the documents, materially and objectively, in a way that shows their elements and contents, and making objective indexes for them.
  3. Scientific analysis of the contents of documents of all forms and the making of extracts for them.
  4. Compiling, organizing and categorizing the laws, regulations and instructions related to the university.
  5. Practicing documentation activities by all modern technological means such as microfilm.
  6. Classifying, classifying, indexing, retrieving and printing microfilm documents and making them accessible to specialists.
  7. Selective scientific broadcasting of topics of interest to decision makers in a manner that ensures continuous briefing of each of them on the contents of the library and what is new to it.

  8. Compilation of scientific references, books, magazines and scientific courses related to statistics sciences, information systems and computers in the library.

  9. Providing researchers and library visitors to view the required resources and guiding them according to the systems established for internal and external borrowing.



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